Romance on the Nile

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Egypt’s Nile has always gathered lovers, friends and families

For over 7,000 years, the Nile has seen many an Egyptian romance.

Sitting on the deck of a riverboat sipping tea, the sun sets, disappearing behind the mountains.  Children play and water buffalo take their rest under the shade of trees whilst farmers work in the fields and women tend to the cooking in their mud-brick homes.

This is a vision we see today, a tradition that has not changed over the years and one that has affected many Egyptians throughout the centuries.  No matter how rich or poor, Egypt’s Nile has always gathered lovers, friends and families.

Flickr Credit - Moon_light578

Many love stories started with the breeze of the Nile.  Egyptians have always found comfort and relaxation in watching the enchanting views pass them by.  The Nile’s romantic influence started years ago in ancient stories of the Egyptian gods, Pharaohs and Egyptian queens, stories that have flourished in Egypt over time.  Egyptian mythology and history is so rich on the Nile that the romantic tales described in such detail still live on today in the stories and legends recounted upon the boat.

A magnificent way explore the Nile today is to relax aboard a riverboat, the mild breeze cooling your skin while you watch the fantastic scenery pass by those close to your heart.  Enjoy the traditions of the past in the luxury and comfort of the present day.

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